“Those who do invest in Tulum take advantage of constant tourism from the natural landscape, possibilities for long and short-term vacation rentals, Clear beaches, nightlife, and the Mayan jungle attract adventure seekers. Natural reserves are protected and offered a great variety of biodiversity. ".

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Individual Accredited Investors


The Adee Diversified Opportunity Investment leverages the experience gained from our previous multi-asset investment. We’re targeting what we believe you would consider to be value-priced assets, while utilizing our full-service cycle in hopes to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Many investors have traditionally turned to the stock market as a place to put their investing dollars. While stocks are a well-known investment option, not everyone knows that buying real estate is also considered an investment. Under the right circumstances, real estate can be an alternative to stocks, offering lower risk, yielding better returns, and providing greater diversification.

Whether it’s planning for retirement, saving for a college fund, or earning residual income, individuals need an investment strategy that fits their budget and needs. Comparing an investment in real estate to buying stocks is a good place to start. We are offering investment in our Hotel Adee Tulum project with a return of 10-15%.


  • The decision to invest in real estate or stocks is a personal choice that depends on your financial situation, risk tolerance, goals, and investment style.
  • Real estate and stocks have different risks and opportunities.
  • Real estate is not as liquid as stocks and tends to require more money and time. But it does provide a passive income stream and the potential for substantial appreciation.

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