“Those who do invest in Tulum take advantage of constant tourism from the natural landscape, possibilities for long and short-term vacation rentals, Clear beaches, nightlife, and the Mayan jungle attract adventure seekers. Natural reserves are protected and offered a great variety of biodiversity. ".



By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about Tulum — seen a friend or two tweeting or had your Instagram blown up with their selfie on a beach, selfie in a hammock, selfie with snorkel mask, Swinging in the Centoes, in restaurant, night life, shopping. There are lots of cool things to do in Tulum — all of them of great.

Maybe you’ve heard of Tulum’s incredible archeological history — “aren’t there ruins there?” — but you still haven’t been. It’s been discovered, no doubt about it. But it stills feels surprisingly remote and off-the-grid. It’s the perfect place to base while you slow travel the Yucatan. Well, it is time to come and explore this fast-growing city.

It’s time to go and see it for yourself!