Eco Friendly Vacationing

Eco Friendly Vacationing

Unlike any other rental offering in the Tulum region, Adee offers

absolute privacy, luxury and comfort, for an effortless vacationers or

short- and long-term living experience meant for enjoying the

celebrated, outdoor-focused lifestyle of Tulum.

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Pristine Jungle Environment

Envisioned to honor the natural environment, the Adee project is

situated one the water and around a botanical garden-style arboretum, immersing hotel rooms in the pristine jungle setting.

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Pristine Jungle Environment

Private Villas


Timeless Scenery

Adee is a collection of 8 exquisitely designed private villas that the

first two are Beachfront, and the 20 rooms hotel surrounded by the

leafy jungle, and private Cenote one minute walk from the Caribbean beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

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Timeless Scenery

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